Gas Heating: Fuels & Their Properties

Fossil fuels are natural fuels formed by the decomposition of plants and other organisms that lived millions of years ago. Common fossil fuels include coal, oil, and natural gas. Liquified petroleum (LP) products, such as propane and butane, do not occur naturally, but are created as part of the petroleum refining process. The type of fuel produced depended on the type of organism present as well as the amount of pressure and heat exerted on the organisms over time. Coal, for example, is derived primarily from plants and trees, while oil comes from smaller plants, such as algae. Natural gas also comes from smaller algae-like plants subjected to higher amounts of heat and pressure over longer periods of time. Because of the time required to produce fossil fuels, they are classified as non-renewable energy sources. This course will focus on natural gas and liquified petroleum fuels.

This course provides detailed text and images as well as video lecture to aid in comprehension of the materials.

End of course review questions will test your comprehension of the materials presented in the course.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Gas Heating: Fuels and Their Properties

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Fuel Properties Overview Video

    • Fuel Properties Overview

    • Fossil Fuel Safety Video

    • Fossil Fuel Safety

    • Fuel Properties Video

    • Fuel Properties

    • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Upper Explosive Limit (UEL) Video

    • Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Upper Explosive Limit (UEL)

    • Lower Explosive Level (LEL) Concerns Video

    • Lower Explosive Level (LEL) Concerns

    • Upper Explosive Level (UEL) Concerns Video

    • Upper Explosive Level (UEL) Concerns

    • Heat Content and the British Thermal Unit (Btu) Video

    • Heat Content and the British Thermal Unit (Btu)

    • Specific Gravity Video

    • Specific Gravity

    • Specific Volume Video

    • Specific Volume

    • Natural Gas Video

    • Natural Gas

    • Propane Video

    • Propane

    • Butane Video

    • Butane

    • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    • Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)

    • Summary

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    Review Questions

    • Gas Heating: Fuels and Their Properties Review Questions

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