Review the Fundamentals and Prepare for the EPA Section 608 Exam!

Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigerants and Components course and EPA Section 608 (Universal) Preparatory Course Bundle!

This package is intended for this individuals who would like to prepare for taking the EPA Section 608 examination, but would also like a review or refresher of the fundamentals. The Refrigeration Cycle, Refrigerants, and Components course will provide an overview of the following:

  • concepts and measurements of pressure as well as the related gas laws.
  • temperature/pressure relationship as it relates to the refrigeration cycle. 
  • study of thermodynamics and heat transfer. 
  • the refrigerant cycle, refrigerant states, and temperature/pressure relationships. 
  • refrigerant composition, properties, and refrigerant applications. 
  • common oils used with refrigerants, their applications and uses, and safe handling. 
  • the process of retrofitting a system to use an alternative refrigerant and oil as well as system cleanup. 
  • the function and applications of evaporators, condensers, compressors, and metering devices. 
  • typical operating conditions for system components under normal conditions. 
  • proper installation and maintenance of the refrigerant circuit components.

The EPA Section 608 Preparatory Course is a valuable tool that has been developed to help students and technicians alike prepare for their EPA Section 608 certification examination.  This course will prepare students and technicians for all sections of the EPA Section 608 examination (Core, Type I, Type II and Type III) or Universal certification.   

(Please note: course/courses do not include the EPA Section 608 examination.)



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