Heat Pump Fundamentals

Training Bundle

This HVAC technician training bundle consists of 5 courses on the subject of heat pump electrical, refrigeration, and air flow systems, including:
1. Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Electrical Systems Troubleshooting
2. Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems
3. Troubleshooting & Servicing Electric Furnaces
4. A Heat Pump That’s Not Delivering Any Air
5. A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool

The first three video training programs listed above contain a series of quiz questions that are designed to be used in both a self-study and instructor-led environment.

You can download & print the questions from the accompanying self-print resource guide  and review them before viewing the videos, or you can follow along at the beginning of the programs as the questions are reviewed. At the end of the programs, the questions are reviewed with the correct answers.

All five of the programs in this bundle contain self-print resource material that is designed to be used during the program to enable the technician to participate in an interactive learning experience.

Programs #1, #2 and #3 focus on an overview of heat pump operating systems and general information regarding troubleshooting and equipment evaluations.

Programs #4 and #5 cover the procedures to follow when troubleshooting a specific problem with a heat pump.

The electrical systems program (#1) covers heat pump electrical components and circuits from with a fundamental approach to troubleshooting and using schematic diagrams.

The refrigeration and air flow program (#2) covers the heat pump modes of heating and cooling, how a reversing valve functions, and how to use manufacturer’s charging charts to evaluate the operation of the equipment.

The electric furnace program (#3) covers all the components found in the indoor air handler of a split system heat pump, including supplemental heat strips, sequencers, protective devices, and proper air flow.

Program #4 covers the sequence of troubleshooting a specific problem and replacing the failed component. This program also includes a training  and video a self-print resource guide that contains illustrations and diagrams that are shown on the video. Program #4 does not contain quiz questions.  

Program #5 is a follow-up troubleshooting situation to a previous incorrect repair and covers the sequence of troubleshooting and evaluating a specific situation. This program also includes a training video and a self-print resource guide  that contains illustrations and diagrams that are shown on the video. Program #5 does not contain quiz questions. 

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About Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson has been a full-time technician, as well as a full-time trade school and community college instructor and administrator, working in and around the refrigeration, HVACR, appliance, and facility maintenance fields since 1973. He has facilitated hundreds of training seminars, workshops and classes in the HVACR electrical and refrigeration areas alone, as well as many other workshops in other technical and non-technical areas.

His background includes a satellite training network for HVACR and appliance technicians, and the development and presentation of more than 75 video training programs. He has authored five textbooks and 10 technician handbooks. He has been a columnist for trade magazines for more than 20 years, including Indoor Comfort News, RSES Journal, ACHR News, ACHR News Extra Edition, HVACR Today, and Marcone World Magazine, providing monthly troubleshooting features and more than 500 feature articles. He is a member of RSES, Certified as a Residential and Light Commercial Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technician, and is certified in heat pumps. He also holds multiple certifications in combustion analysis and carbon monoxide safety.

He is a registered proctor for NATE exams, and his workshops, HVAC training videos, and e-book CD’s not only provide a simplified approach to learning about troubleshooting and servicing heating and air conditioning equipment, they also serve as an effective preparation for NATE certification exams.

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