Airflow Characteristics and Diagnostics

Training Course and Interactive Practices

This course provides students and practicing technicians an overview of the principles related to air measurement.

Explore the fundamentals of air movement. Learn how to determine duct size. Understand how duct size, velocity, and air volume interact. Study the basic design conditions that must be present for duct systems to function properly, basic airflow design limits, and the methods of identifying and correcting airflow problems. Increase your knowledge or brush up on your skills by utilizing quizzes or interactive practices in each category section throughout the program.

Main topics include: understanding basic airflow characteristics, air velocity, duct size and air volume relationships, air volume levels and measurement, and air systems basic application theory.

Interactive exercises will allow the learner to practice their skills in a simulated setting.

Individuals completing this course will receive a certificate of completion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Understanding Basic Airflow Characteristics

    • Understanding Basic Airflow Characteristics Course

  • 2

    Air Velocity, Duct Size and Air Volume Relationships

    • Air Velocity, Duct Size and Air Volume Relationships Course

  • 3

    Air Volume Levels and Measurement

    • Air Volume Levels and Measurement

  • 4

    Air Systems and Basic Application Theory

    • Air Systems and Basic Application Theory

  • 5

    Airflow Troubleshooting Interactive Practices

    • Airflow Simulation Interactive Exercises


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