Basic Electronic Components

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Electronics does not need to be a mystery. This course provides an easy-to-understand breakdown of the building blocks that make up most of the electronic, solid-state controls and devices in use today. From the basic theory behind semiconductors, to diodes, transistors and more complicated electronic devices, this course pulls back the curtain on an often-misunderstood subject area.

Main topics include: semiconductors, diodes, diodes in AC circuits, rectifiers, transistors, diacs, triacs, bilateral switches, PRC and NTC thermistors and pressure transducers.

Individuals completing this course will receive a certificate of completion and .1 CEU/1 CEH.

Structure of the Course

  • Text: read the materials.

  • Audio: so you can listen to the content.

  • Review questions: to test your knowledge and comprehension of what you've learned!

Course curriculum

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    End of Course Review Questions

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    • Before You Begin

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Basic Electronic Components

    • Basic Electronic Components Review Questions


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