Basic Refrigeration & Charging Procedures

Online Training Course

This program provides the knowledge to accurately perform system installation, basic repair, and the information necessary to properly charge modern equipment.

Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedures covers: refrigerant pressures, states and conditions, how they apply to the refrigeration system, vapor pressures, subcooling, superheat, saturation, latent heat, sensible heat, and the refrigeration cycle.

Basic system components, their functions, and applications are included. Detailed explanations of each point in the refrigeration cycle.

Individuals completing this course will receive a course completion certificate with .2 CEUs/2 CEHs.

This online course can help prepare individuals for the Basic Refrigeration and Charging Procedures Employment Ready Certification. (Certification is separate and not included with the course.)

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Course Outline

  • 1

    Before You Begin

    • Before You Begin

    • About This Training Program

    • Navigating this Course

  • 2

    Refrigeration System

  • 3

    Refrigerant Properties

    • Refrigerant Properties

    • Condensing Pressure

    • Evaporating Pressure

    • States and Conditions

    • Applications of Pressures, States, and Refrigerants

    • Refrigerant Properties Quiz

  • 4

    Superheat and Subcooling

    • Superheat and Subcooling

    • Liquid Subcooling

    • Subcooling Categories

    • Preventing Liquid Line Flash Gas

    • Pressure Drop

    • How Much Subcooling is Needed

    • How Much Subcooling is Needed? (Example 1)

    • How Much Subcooling is Needed? (Example 1 Answer)

    • How Much Subcooling is Needed? (Example 2)

    • How Much Subcooling is Needed? (Example 2 Answer)

    • Liquid Pressure Amplification

    • Liquid Pressure Amplification - Floating Head Pressures and LPA Advantages

    • Liquid Pressure Amplification - Superheat Suppression

    • Liquid Pressure Amplification - Superheat Suppression

    • Enviroguard Refrigerant Control System

    • Enviroguard: Determining the SPR Valve Setting

    • Vapor Superheating

    • Enviroguard 2(Revised)

    • Superheat and Subcooling Quiz

  • 5

    Metering Devices

    • Metering Devices

    • Capillary Tube

    • Thermostatic Expansion Valves (TXVs)

    • TXV Selection Procedures

    • TXV Selection Procedures Example

    • TXV Selection Procedures Example Solution

    • Automatic Expansion Valves

    • Metering Devices Quiz

  • 6

    System Charging

    • System Charging

    • TXV Receiver - Sightglass Systems

    • Capillary Tube or Fixed Orfice Refrigeration Systems

    • Capillary Tube or Fixed Orfice Air Conditioning Systems

    • Measuring Duct Velocity

    • Superheat Charging Curves

    • Superheat Charging Curves Example

    • Superheat Charging Curves Example Solution

    • Superheat Curve Theory

    • Superheat Curve Theory Example 1

    • Superheat Curve Theory Example 2

    • Wet Bulb Thermometers

    • Superheat Charging Table


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