Brazing and Soldering: Copper Tubing and Processes

Training Course

This course provides students and practicing technicians with the information and knowledge necessary to work with and install copper refrigerant lines. Various processes and joining methods are covered in detail to provide an in-depth resource that will benefit any type of HVACR program.

Main topics include:

  • types of copper tubing
  • processes (such as cutting, bending, and swaging)
  • proper tool use
  • torch safety
  • brazing
  • soldering
  • flaring
  • leak testing.

  • Individuals completing this course will receive a certificate of completion.

    Structure of the Course

    • Text: read the materials.

    • Video lectures: to help you hear and understand the concepts and content being presented.

    • Review questions: to test your knowledge and comprehension of what you've learned!

    Course curriculum

    • 1

      Brazing and Soldering

      • Before You Begin

      • Learning Outcomes

      • Tubing and Processes Video

      • Tubing and Processes

      • Joining Copper Tubing Video

      • Joining Copper Tubing

      • Cutting Copper Tubing Video

      • Cutting Copper Tubing

      • Flaring Video

      • ​Flaring

      • Swaging Video

      • Swaging

      • Crimping Video

      • Crimping Systems

      • Brazing Video

      • Brazing

      • Brazing Tools and Equipment Video

      • Brazing Tools and Equipment

      • Brazing Torch Flames Video

      • ​Brazing Torch Flames

      • Brazing Techniques and Procedures Video

      • Brazing Techniques and Procedures

      • Soldering Video

      • Soldering

      • Soldering Techniques and Procedures Video

      • Soldering Techniques and Procedures

      • Torch Safety Video

      • Torch Safety

      • Pressurized Leak Testing Video

      • Pressurized Leak Testing

      • Leak Detection Methods Video

      • Leak Detection Methods

      • Brazing and Soldering End of Course Review Questions

      • Copper to Copper Brazing Video (Courtesy Harris Products Group)

      • Three Steps to Achieving a Perfect Soldering Joint Video (Courtesy Harris Products Group)

      • Lighting and Shutting Down an Oxyacetylene Torch Video (Courtesy Harris Products Group)

      • Soldering Copper to Copper Video (Courtesy Harris Products Group)

      • Brazing Copper Video (Courtesy Mannic Horizons)

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