Major Appliance Technician Training: Electrical Fundamentals Course

An overview of electricity and electronic fundamentals for the appliance technician. This module guides you through electrical concepts in a simple, straightforward manner. Necessary theories are covered, but you’re not bogged down with a dull, academic approach. Electricity is explained in a way that helps you not only understand it, but apply it to your job. Includes the information you need to know about house wiring. 

This course consists of written text, a video, a video exam (this is a self check exam with an answer key) as well as an end of course, multiple-choice question exam.

Individuals completing this course will receive a certificate of completion.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Electrical Fundamentals for Major Appliance Technicians

    • Understanding this Course

    • Copyright and Disclaimer

    • Introduction to Electrical Fundamentals

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Matter and Energy

    • Atomic Theory

    • Conductors VS Insulators

  • 2

    Electrical Terms

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Voltage

    • Current/Amperes

    • Resistance

    • Ohm's Law

    • Kirchoff's Law

    • Kirchoff's Current Law

  • 3

    Direct Current Fundamentals

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Direct Current (DC)

  • 4

    Alternating Current Fundamentals

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Electricity and Magnetism

    • Electrical Distribution Systems

    • Inductance and Inductive Resistance

    • Capacitance

    • Impedance

    • Electrical Distribution Systems in Buildings

    • Electrical Distribution System in a Residence

  • 5

    Electrical Power and Watts

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Electrical Power

  • 6

    Basic Electric Circuits

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Basic Electric Circuits

  • 7

    Fundamental Electrical Components in Major Appliances

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Motors

    • Solenoids

    • Heating Elements

    • Thermostat Fundamentals

    • Bimetal Switches

    • Mechanical Switch Fundamentals

  • 8

    Electronic Fundamentals

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Semiconductor Fundamentals

    • Advantages of Semiconductor Devices

    • Diodes

    • Thermistor Devices

    • Electrical Fundamentals Diagrams

  • 9

    Electrical Fundamentals for Major Appliance Technicians Video

    • Electrical Fundamentals for Major Appliance Technicians Video

    • Electrical Fundamentals for Major Appliance Technicians Video Resource Guide

    • Video Exam

    • Video Exam Answers

  • 10

    Major Appliances Module 1 Examination

    • Major Appliances Module 1 Examination

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