EPA Section 608 Core

Preparatory Course

This course will prepare students and technicians for the Core section of the EPA Section 608 examination.  

If you've already passed other sections of the exam, you can purchase this Core training section individually.

This course is based on the Esco Institute EPA Section 608 Preparatory Manual and contains text, lecture, definitions, and practice questions.

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Course Outline

  • 1

    Introduction to the EPA Section 608 Examination

    • Getting Started

    • Introduction

    • Federal Regulations

    • Before You Begin

    • Overview of the Examination

    • Test Format

    • Overview of the Exam Lecture

    • Vapor - Compression Refrigeration Cycle

    • Vapor Compression Refrigeration Cycle Lecture

    • How to Use the Pressure-Temperature (PT) Chart

    • How to Use the PT Chart Lecture

    • Refrigeration Service

    • Refrigeration Service Lecture

    • Gauge Manifold Set

    • Gauge Manifold Set Lecture

    • Tips for Taking Multiple-Choice Exams

  • 2

    Core Training

    • Stratospheric Ozone Depletion

    • Stratospheric Ozone Depletion Lecture

    • Global Warming Potential

    • Global Warming Potential Lecture

    • Refrigerant Characteristics & Identification

    • Refrigerant Characteristics & Identification Lecture

    • Bubble and Dew Points

    • Bubble and Dew Points Lecture

    • Low, Medium, High, and Very High Pressure

    • Low, Medium, High and Very High Pressure Lecture

    • Refrigerant Oils

    • Refrigerant Oils Lecture

    • Montreal Protocol and Clean Air Act

    • Montreal Protocol and Clean Air Act Lecture

    • Recovery

    • Recovery Lecture

    • Recovery Devices

    • Recovery Devices Lecture

    • Leak Detection

    • Leak Detection Lecture

    • Dehydration

    • Dehydration Lecture

    • Safety/General

    • Safety/General Lecture

    • Safety/Cylinder

    • Safety/Cylinder Lecture

    • Shipping

    • Shipping Lecture

    • Refrigerant Chart

    • 608 Exam Pressure-Temperature Chart

  • 3

    Core Flashcards

    • Core Flashcards

  • 4

    Core Practice Questions

    • Core - Practice Questions


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