Gas Heating: Venting

Venting is the process of removing combustion by-products from the appliance and moving them to the outside atmosphere. In addition to removing combustion gases, the venting process creates pressure needed in the appliance to draw in combustion air. There are various furnace and boiler systems that utilize different venting methods. It is important that draft and venting be properly understood by all technicians.

This course provides detailed text and images as well as video lecture to aid in comprehension of the materials.

End of course review questions will test your comprehension of the materials presented in the course.

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Course curriculum

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    Gas Heating: Venting

    • Learning Outcomes

    • Overview

    • Draft Video

    • Draft

    • Venting Safety Video

    • Venting Safety

    • Venting Categories Video

    • Venting Categories

    • Category I Video

    • Category I

    • Category I Appliance Video

    • Category I Appliance

    • Category I Venting Materials Video

    • Category I Venting Materials

    • Category II Video

    • Category II

    • Category II Appliance

    • Category II Venting Materials

    • Category III Video

    • Category III

    • Category III Appliance Video

    • Category III Appliance

    • Category III Venting Materials Video

    • Category III Venting Materials

    • Category IV Video

    • Category IV

    • Category IV Appliance Video

    • Category IV Appliance

    • Condensate Video

    • Condensate

    • Category IV Venting Materials Video

    • Category IV Venting Materials

    • Joining PVC Pipe Video

    • Joining PVC Pipe

    • Installation of PVC Pipe Video

    • Installation of PVC Pipe

    • Category IV Vent Terminations Video

    • Category IV Vent Terminations

    • Vent Sizing

    • Orphaned Water Heater Video

    • Orphaned Water Heater

    • Venting Tables Video

    • Venting Tables

    • Summary

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    Gas Heating: Venting Review Questions

    • Gas Heating: Venting Review Questions

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