RSES Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

Training Course

Hydrocarbon refrigerants were approved for use by the US EPA through their SNAP program in early 2012, for specific refrigeration applications. The course covers practices for the following refrigerant families:

  • HC R-290 (propane)
  • HC R-600a (isobutene)
  • HC R-441A (a blend*)
  • HC R-170 (ethane)
  • HFC R-32 (difluoromethane)

Now in its third edition, the Hydrocarbon Refrigerants safety course covers everything you need to know to work safely with flammable refrigerants, including EPA Regulations; UL Standards; Refrigerant Safety; Service Procedures; and much more.

The full eLearning course a narrated online presentation highlighting key topics from the study guide and a certificate test that assesses your understanding of the materials. A certificate of completion for 8 CEHs/0.8 CEUs is available after the successful completion of the quiz.

** RSES recommends you study ALL the material in the study guide in addition as well as the narrated online presentation in order to fully prepare for the assessment test! **

RSES highly recommends only experienced refrigeration professionals handle HCs. You should already have a solid understanding of the refrigeration cycle and proper handling of CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

    • Introduction to Hydrocarbon Refrigerants Video

    • Introduction to Hydrocarbon Refrigerants

    • Environmental Impact Video

    • Environmental Impact

    • Advantages Video

    • Advantages

    • Applications and Availability

    • Applications and Availability

    • Approved HC Refrigerants

    • Approved HC Refrigerants

  • 2

    Regulations and Standards

    • Regulations and Standards Video

    • Regulations and Standards

    • Restricted Uses and Applications Video

    • Restricted Uses and Applications

    • Unauthorized Applications Video

    • Unauthorized Applications

    • Labeling Video

    • Labeling

    • Liability Concerns

  • 3

    Refrigerant Safety

    • Safety Classifications Video

    • Safety Classifications

    • Flammability Hazards Video

    • Flammability Hazards

    • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) Video

    • Material Safety Data Sheets

    • GHS Hazard Communication Labeling

    • Boiling Point Video

    • Boiling Point

    • Combustible Gas Monitors

    • Health Hazards

    • Handling Refrigerant Cylinders Video

    • Handling Refrigerant Cylinders

    • Cylinder Safety Video

    • HC Refrigerant Cylinders

    • Transporting Cylinders Video

    • Cylinder Storage Video

    • Transporting Cylinders

    • Brazing and Silver Soldering Video

    • Brazing and Silver Soldering

    • Rated Equipment Video

    • Rated Equipment

    • Confined Spaces

  • 4

    Compressor Terminal Venting

    • Hazards From Terminal Venting

    • Protective Terminal Cover Video

    • Protective Terminal Covers

  • 5

    Compressor Change-out (Defective Compressor)

    • Compressor Removal

    • Compressor Installation

    • Sealing the Process Tube

  • 6

    System Flushing, Purging, and Pressure-Testing for Leaks

    • System Flushing, Purging, and Pressure-Testing for Leaks

  • 7

    Proper Evacuation Techniques

    • Evacuation Video

    • Proper Evacuation Techniques

  • 8

    Compressor Misuse

    • Compressor Misuse

    • During System Evacuation

    • During System Charging

    • Replacement Components Video

    • Replacement Parts

  • 9


    • Compatibility Video

    • Compatibility

  • 10

    Service Procedures, Maintenance, and Refrigerant Handling

    • Servicing Procedures: Safety Checks

    • Sparking Hazards

    • Ignition Sources Video

    • Ignition Sources

    • Frost Removal Video

    • Frost Removal

    • Leak Testing Video

    • Leak-Testing

    • Evacuation/ Pressure-Testing

    • Refrigerant Removal/Recovery Video

    • Recovery

    • Charging Video

    • Charging

    • Refrigerant Purity Video

    • Refrigerant Purity

    • Stenching Video

    • Stenching

    • Previously Modified Systems

  • 11

    The Refrigeration Cycle

    • The Refrigeration Cycle Video

    • The Refrigeration Cycle

    • Definition of Terms Video

    • Definition of Terms

    • Superheat for Refrigeration Applications (and Sample Calculations)

    • Superheat for Refrigeration Applications

    • Subcooling for Refrigeration Application (and Sample Calculations)

    • Subcooling for Refrigeration Applications

    • Sample Calculations

  • 12


    • Appendix A

    • Appendix B

    • Apprendix C

    • Appendix D

    • Appendix E

    • Appendix F

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