Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears

Webinar Series Replay
by Eugene Silberstein, M.S., CMHE, BEAP

Enthalpy? A fancy word for heat!

Over the years, much has been written on the subject of pressure enthalpy and most of it is geared toward engineers. This program presents the important concepts of pressure enthalpy in a manner that will appeal to the service technician. Each refrigerant has its own properties and these properties are compiled on the pressure enthalpy chart for that particular refrigerant. The pressure enthalpy chart enables us to create a complete picture, or "snapshot" of the entire system. With a completed pressure enthalpy plot, we can evaluate the major system components as well as calculate latent and sensible heat transfers.

This course is narrated by the author, Eugene Silberstein, M.S., CMHE, BEAP, and starts by reviewing the basic vapor-compression refrigeration cycle, as well as the concepts of superheat, sub-cooling and the pressure/temperature relationship. The course then turns to the pressure enthalpy chart, giving an overview of the meaning and purpose for every line on the chart. Simplified charts are used to clarify the explanations. The plotting of actual systems follows next. The completed plot allows for the evaluation of various system parameters and the calculation of many system characteristics, including system capacity and system efficiency. It is during this evaluation process that system problems can be easily identified. Once the concepts of pressure enthalpy have been mastered, the participant can truly appreciate this tool and its usefulness to effectively and accurately start up, troubleshoot, and evaluate air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Upon completion of the course, participants will earn a CEU certificate.

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About the Author

Eugene Silberstein, CMHE

Mr. Silberstein has over 35 years of experience in the HVACR industry.

He holds a Master of Science in Energy and Environmental Science from the State University of New York, and dual Bachelor degrees. He is a Certified Master HVACR Educator (CMHE), and Building Energy Assessment Professional (BEAP).

Mr. Silberstein has worked in education at both the secondary and post-secondary levels, having served as an instructor, professor, program coordinator and department chair. He worked as a field technician, system designer, administrator, consultant and is the author/co-author of several text books.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Training Series

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 1: The Basic Refrigeration Cycle Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears, Part 2: The Pressure Enthalpy Chart Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears, Part 3: Incorporating the Basic Refrigeration Cycle onto the Pressure Enthalpy Chart Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 4: Important Points on a Pressure Enthalpy Plot (Plus Some Other Stuff You'll Need to Know About!) Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 5: Calculating System Parameters 1 Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 6: Calculating System Parameters 2 Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 7: Plotting a System on the Pressure Enthalpy Chart Webinar Replay

    • Pressure Enthalpy Without Tears Part 8: Using the Pressure Enthalpy Chart for System Evaluation Webinar Replay


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