Professor Krepcik's HVACR Learning Bursts

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Join Professor Skip Krepcik as he journeys into the world of HVACR, one learning burst at a time.

This video learning series, available only through the ESCO All Access Subscription, will provide students and technicians short, segmented topics in an easy to understand, fully illustrated, and fun format.

From learning the basic refrigeration cycle to cooling tower basics, this learning series covers a wide range of topics, in short learning bursts.

This library of video lectures will grow and be added to - so keep logging in for more learning bursts!

About Professor Krepcik

Harlan "Skip" Krepcik, CMS, is the HVACR Department Chair at Tidewater Community College. 

Along with his vast experience in the HVACR industry, Krepcik holds a Master of Science in Business Administration with a Specialization in Project Management from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY, where he graduated with Distinction. He is also a member of the adjunct engineering faculty at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA.

He has served as President of Refrigeration Service Engineers Society (RSES),  holds all eight RSES CMS ratings, and wrote the RSES Heat Pump training course as well as the RSES Heat Pump CMS exam.  

Krepcik has authored various HVACR technical papers and textbooks and was the recipient of the John & Suzanne Roueche Excellence Award, which recognizes teaching excellence.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Math is Our Friend

    • Improper Fractions

    • Percent, Percentage, and Discounts

    • Working With Exponents

    • Units of Temperature

    • Working With Volumes

    • General Law of Perfect Gas

    • Unity Fractions and Unity Tables

    • Dimensional Analysis

    • How to Use the TI-30Xa Calculator Fraction Key

    • Using the TI-30Xa Calculator Reciprocal Key

  • 2

    Electricity and Controls

    • Basic Electricity and Magnetism Part 1

    • Basic Electricity and Magnetism Part 2

    • Basic Electricity and Magnetism Part 3

    • Ohm's Law

    • Basic Electrical Circuits

    • Loads in Parallel

    • Loads in Series

    • Hopscotching an Electrical Circuit

  • 3

    Refrigeration Cycle

    • The Refrigeration Cycle

    • Heat Measurements

  • 4


    • What is Psychrometrics?

    • Physical Properties of Air

    • The Psychrometric Chart

    • Standard Air Equations

    • Plotting a Mixed Air Process

  • 5

    Chillers and Cooling Towers

    • The Basic Chilled Water System

    • Cooling Tower Basics

    • Closed Circuit Cooling Towers

  • 6

    Controls and Controls Devices

    • Temperature Controls

    • Basic Control Loop Principles

    • Direct Action vs Reverse Action

    • Pressure Controls

    • Pressure Sensing Devices

    • Automatic Controls ~ Bimetal Devices

    • Automatic Controls ~ Thermocouples

    • Thermostat Anticipators

    • Control Devices vs Controlled Devices

  • 7


    • Zoning Made Easy

    • Zoning Made Easy Next Steps

  • 8

    Heating and Hydronics

    • The Basic Hydronic Heat System

    • Measuring Fluid Temperatures

    • Sizing Water Valves

    • Centrifugal Pump Curves

    • Using the Pipe Sizing Graph

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