R-410A Safety

Preparatory Course

This course will provide the necessary training and practical knowledge to safely service systems containing R-410A and  R-407C.  Participants will learn about the R-22 phase-out, appropriate refrigerant and oil applications, service techniques, and the safe handling of R-410A.   

This course will help prepare technicians for the R-410A certification examination and provides practice questions. (The R-410A examination is not included as part of the course.)

Course Outline

  • 1


    • Introduction to R-410A Safety Training

  • 2


  • 3

    System Fundamentals

    • Vapor Compression Refrigeration System

    • Refrigerant States and Conditions

    • Compression Ratio

  • 4

    Basic Refrigeration System Components

  • 5

    Refrigerant Chemistry

    • CFCs and HCFCs

    • Blends

    • Blend Superheating & Subcooling

    • R-410A and R-407C

    • Basic Service Tools

    • Refrigerant Recovery

  • 6

    Refrigerant Oils

    • Oil Functions

    • Oil Groups

    • HFC Refrigerant Oils

  • 7


    • Personal Safety

    • Compressed Gas

    • Electrical Safety

    • Storage and Handling

    • ASHRAE Standards

    • Material Safety Data Sheets

    • R-410A MSDS Atofina

    • R-410A MSDS DuPont

    • R-410A MSDS Honeywell

    • R-407C MSDS Atofina

    • R-407C MSDS DuPont

    • R-407C MSDS Klea

  • 8

    Practice Test

    • R-410A Practice Test


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