Checkup with Dr. Chuck

Episode 2: What is an HFO?

Most folks in the HVACR industry have heard about HFO refrigerants by now. But what exactly is an HFO? How are they similar and different from refrigerants we’ve been using for decades like CFCs, HCFC’s, and HFC’s? I’ll explain the basic chemistry of HFO’s, why they’re important, and where you can expect to see them being used.

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What is the Checkup with Dr. Chuck Series?

Join Dr. Chuck Allgood of Chemours for his video series in which he will dissect key topics concerning the HVACR industry, with a special emphasis on refrigerants. 

Dr. Chuck's  goal with these “checkups” is to ensure all information is readily available as well as focused (1 topic per video), fast (under 10 minutes), and informative (submit your own questions). 

It's not a webinar, not a podcast, and not an online course, but rather timely discussions and food for thought to help address misinformation and explain the facts and impacts on technicians and the industry.

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    Checkup with Dr. Chuck Episode 2: What's an HFO?

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