The leading manufacturer of education equipment for Engineering, Vocational Technical and Industrial Training programs.

Hamden Engineering Corporation has built a reputation for manufacturing cutting edge, engineering, and technology training equipment of the highest quality since 1954.

With a constant eye on Emerging Technologies, Hampden continues to be the leader in the development trainers, demonstrators, and simulators to meet the future demands for a technically trained workforce. As education now moves towards a hybrid learning model, Hampden Engineering has the elearning resources to assist you.

As technology changes, so too do the ways those in the HVACR industry access and consume information. To make their online content accessible to new markets, industry leading organizations, authors, and publishers have made their digital offerings available on the HVACR Learning Network (HLN). HLN is a singular source for HVACR professionals to access digital content, confident that they are getting reliable, up-to-date, and relevant material, directly from trusted sources. Many of these digital offerings compliment the training offered with our educational trainers and simulators.

Whether you’re looking to enhance the knowledge of students, customers, employees, or yourself, you will find hundreds of digital books, courses, videos, and webinars here to help meet your educational and training needs.