Basic Electrical Series: AC Machines and RLC Circuits

Two common AC machines are motors and generators. AC Motors convert AC electrical energy to mechanical energy, while AC generators convert mechanical energy to AC electrical energy. AC motors and generators are widely used today and having a basic understanding of each type of application is important for proper installation, service, and maintenance.


 This course explains the underlying electrical theory, equipment components for common types of AC motors and generators. Detailed 3D models are used with animations to assist in visualizing the concepts.

As part of this course, trainees complete several Knowledge Checks and other exercises to validate their training and identify subject areas where additional review/training are recommended. 


  • Basic AC alternator components

  • Output frequency of two and four­pole alternators

  • Single­phase and three­phase AC alternators
  • Synchronizing alternators     
  •  AC synchronous motor operation

  • Operation of a single­phase AC induction motor

  • AC motor speed control

A certificate of completion will be provided to all participants who successfully complete the course.  

Time to complete course: Approximately 2 hours

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