Course Overview

The RSES Manufacturer Webinar Series explores optimizing the refrigeration system to meet the proper charge limits when using R-290 and R-600a. This webinar covers using R-290 and R-600a to meet the upcoming DOE 2017 energy requirements and the proposed EPA ban on HFC refrigerants. Although these refrigerants can cover most of the commercial applications, there is a max charge limit for them--so, some adjustments on the system are required to meet this limit and to improve the system's performance. Review this webinar to learn what you need to be aware when changing to a natural refrigerant.

Each webinar includes a 60-70 minute webinar along with a 10-question quiz. A certificate of completion for 1 CEH/0.1 CEU is available after the successful completion of the quiz. 

CEH 1   CEU 0.1

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