HVACR Principles

The refrigeration cycle is based on the physical principle that a liquid expanding into a gas extracts heat from the surrounding substance or area. Using this principle and applying it to a basic refrigeration system is important prerequisite knowledge before learning how complex refrigeration and air conditioning systems work.

Basic system and system components are similar for both refrigeration and air conditioning and this course can be applied both.

In this course we cover refrigeration basics including:

  • Measuring heat including Sensible and Latent heat
  • Evaporation and condensation
  • Operating temperatures and change of pressure
  • Superheat and subcooling
  • Basic refrigeration components
  • Liquid and Vapour states.

A certificate of completion  is provided to all participants who successfully complete the course.  

Time to complete course: Approximately 1.5 hours

Upon registration for this course, you will receive an email with an access code to enter the course.

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