Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce for Flammable Refrigerants

Webinar Replay

Charles Allgood, Refrigerant Technology Leader of Chemours, presents Preparing Tomorrow's Workforce for Flammable Refrigerants.

 Webinar Description: As the HVACR industry makes the transition to more sustainable refrigerants, there will be a need for a highly trained workforce capable of safely and effectively installing and servicing equipment charged with flammable refrigerants. This session will equip instructors with a solid foundation of flammability as it relates to refrigerants, including the basics of how flammability is determined, standards, definitions, and the practical differences between flammability classes (1, 2L, 2, and 3) and various building codes. Participants will also learn the hands on procedures and techniques that will be required of technicians working with flammable refrigerants. 

After watching the webinar replay, participants will earn a certificate of completion with CEUs/CEHs.