Customer Service and Soft Skills Video Bundle!

Customer service and soft skills are critical skills needed by any and all who interact with customers (or will interact with customers in the near future!).  Students, technicians, installers, office staff, and customer service representatives will all benefit from the engaging dialogue and effective methods covered in these videos.  

This bundle includes access to all three Customer Service video collections including Soft Skills for the Technical Trades, Successful Stress Management Practice and Gaining Mutual Trust.

Individuals who complete viewing these videos will earn a certificate of completion.

Course participants will have 180 days to complete the courses.

Why Choose Coscia Communications Courses and Videos?

  • Steve Coscia's soft skills courses are the most effective, affordable and accredited curriculum in the industry.

  • HVAC manufacturers rely on Coscia's effective, affordable and accredited online courses for soft skills instruction.

  • Thousands of industry professionals benefit from Coscia's effective, affordable and accredited online courses and curriculum materials.

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Gain access to the three video course collection and save nearly 15%

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    $63.95Coscia Communications Soft Skills and Customer Service Video Bundle

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